Sidewalk Style. Dog Park Glamour. Or Something Like That.

On the sidewalk and at the dog park, style is everything. Strutting their stuff is your dog’s favorite part of the day, so make sure they’re looking their furry best with our range of grooming services. Besides keeping your dog looking awesome, consistent grooming does wonders for your dog’s health and quality of life. Without grooming, a dog’s hair will become matted and knotted, causing painful tugging of the hair and skin irritation.

Spot’s Pet Supply groomers take a thorough approach to caring for your four-legged friend, which is why we recommend a customized plan depending on breed, age, fur type and the special needs of your dog (if any). If your pooch has a skin, ear or nail issue, please inform our groomers so we can follow your veterinarian’s prescribed instructions regarding grooming for your pup.

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Grooming Rates

(Includes bath, the cut, nail trim, and ear cleaning)

Doodles +$10

Clip All Over 1-10 lbs


Clip All Over 11-19 lbs


Clip All Over 20-34 lbs


Clip All Over 35-49 lbs


Clip All Over 50-69 lbs


Clip All Over 70-84 lbs


Clip All Over 85-99 lbs


Clip All Over 100-120 lbs


Clip All Over 120+


Bath Rates

(Includes bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning)

Doodles +$10

Flea Bath: +$20 (Includes Capstar & flea shampoo.)

Bath 1-10 lbs


Bath 11-19 lbs


Bath 20-34 lbs


Bath 35-49 lbs


Bath 50-69 lbs


Bath 70-84 lbs


Bath 85-99lbs


Bath 100-120 lbs


Bath 120+ lbs


Other Grooming Services

Nail Grinding




Extra Brush Out




Flea Treatment

$20.00 + cost of bath

Teeth Brushing


Anal Glands


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